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22 Vegan Hotspots in Ubud

This spring I went to Bali, and spent two whole weeks in Ubud. I ate out three times a day – fantastic – and know quite some healthy vegan hotspots in Ubud. So behold, an elaborate list of 22 well-known places to eat vegan in Ubud. Complete with reviews, menu’s, pictures and ‘signature dishes’ of each place. Drool ‘n enjoy!

1. Warung Sopa

Vegan gado gado bij Warung Sopa, Ubud, BaliSopa means soup, and I must admit, Warung Sopa has great soup. But what they are really famous for is nasi campur: perfect red sticky rice surrounded with various small authentic Indonesian dishes, such as tofu, tempeh and vegetables. They are all spiced with different herbs, spices and lots of coconut. You can pick the dishes you want yourself from the see-through counter.

I chose for the gado gado instead, because I am an incredible peanut sauce lover. You get a plate full of vegetables, neatly separated from each other, with in the middle a generous portion of cold peanut sauce. I ate the remaining sauce just as a soup. Warung Sopa serves only vegan and vegetarian food, so you know for sure that the krupuk you get with your gado gado is not made from shrimps!

Mains cost between 25 000 – 45 000 IDR (1,50 – 3 euro’s)

Menu Warung Sopa

Signature dish: Nasi campur

2. Dayu’s Warung

Dayu’s warung looks like a normal warung, but the menu is actually that of a health food restaurant. Owner Dayu has a passion for healthy food, so if you are a vegan health freak on a budget, this is the place you can call home. I twice had the best gado gado salad ever – the best thing I’ve eaten in Ubud. The portion was huge and really filled me up. I must say that often the portion sizes are a bit small (or I am just a glutton), so I was delighted by this massive bowl of peanut sauce covered freshness. The normal gado gado and lentil soup at Dayu’s I find really small, but I guess that is because these dishes are actually starters? I don’t know. I often ordered two dishes, as most travelers do. And why not – you get to taste more, or take cake for desert.

In Dayu’s Warung you’ll find take-home cookies, bliss balls en the best sticky pie you will ever see and taste. Most of the cakes are made with rice flour, which makes the take super sticky, heavy and moist – and I love it. So keep some space for cake as a desert, because when you skipped Dayu’s cake, your life is not complete.

Mains cost between 30 000 – 45 000 IDR (2 – 3 euro’s)

Sweets cost between 10 000 – 25 000 IDR (0,50 – 1, 50 euro’s)

Menu Dayu’s Warung 

Signature dish: Cake

3. Atman Kafe

A somewhat more pricey place, but thRaw grain free porridge bij Atman Kafe, Ubud, Bali - Veganey have the best breakfasts here. For every dish, you can replace the ordinary milk or water with cashew or almond milk. I have had breakfast here twice: first I ordered the Raw grain-free porridge. This is apparently a very popular dish at Atman’s, since I saw it popping up on Instagram all the time. And the hype is justified: the porridge tasted really good and was served in a bowl made from a coconut shell, with cashew milk and liquid palm sugar on the side. Second time I had the Creamy Oatmeal made with cashew milk instead of water. My god, that was the best oatmeal I’ve ever tasted! Super creamy, and I got a big bowl full. I could do quite some work at Atman Kafe, because when it is hot, you can move to the little building next to the main restaurant, which is airconditioned. The staff is very friendly, so all in all, I forgive them their slightly higher prices.

Mains cost between 35 000 – 60 000 IDR (2,50 – 4 euro’s)

Menu Atman Kafe

Signature dish: Raw grain free porridge

4. Nine Heaven Vegan Warung

Nine Heaven Warung is not very popular, perhaps since it is not located in the very centre of Ubud. But wow, such sweet people that work there! This warung has loads of Japanese and Korean dishes on the menu, such as tofu- and seaweed soup. Pure and uncomplicated dishes. And big plus: everything on the menu is 100% vegan. I had to make a drawing for every staff member, which resulted in a very nice conversation with the people there and many thank-yous. So sweet! I got the seaweed soup with sweet potato, which was really good and healthy, and no oil was added to this dish.

Mains cost between 25 000 – 40 000 IDR (1,50 – 2,50 euro’s)

Menu Nine Heaven Vegan Warung

Signature dish: Kimchi pancakes

5. Alchemy

Alchemy vegan breakfast morning fruit buffetAlchemy was on top of my to-go-list. I had heard so many positive stories about their breakfast and salad buffet that I just HAD to go there. It is a bit out of the city centre, but a scooter or a pair of sport shoes will get you there. Alchemy has an ordinary a la carte menu, but is famous for its salad bar. Until 11 am you can enjoy breakfast from the breakfast buffet, which works like this: you pick three kinds of fruit and two toppings, such as buckwheat granola or coconut whipped cream. Latter one is a must-try, believe me. Then you choose a smoothie or fresh cashew milk which you can pour over your bowl of healthy goodness, or just drink it aside (I’d recommend to pour it all in). The salad bar is open for lunch and dinner, and you get to pick a good portion of leafy greens, and four toppings, such as marinated vegetable dishes or nuts. There are so many options that four is just too little. So take extra toppings, two salads, or just come back another time.

Unfortunately, eating at Alchemy has some downsides: first, the staff is too much in your face, and second are the high prices. If this is really OK with you, then Alchemy is your place-to-be.

Menu of the smoothiemenu

Breakfast buffet: 55 000 IDR (3,50 euro’s); salad bar: 65 000 IDR (4,50 euro’s)

Signature dish: the salad bar

6. Bali Buda

At Bali Buda there is the rare opportunity to enjoy your food without Internet harassment. They are on of the few places in Ubud where they don’t have wifi. Which is pretty fine, because wifi is one of your main sources of stress in Ubud, since it is unreliable and sloooooowwww. At first I didn’t know that Bali Buda had no wifi, and when I chose the place to have breakfast and deciding on my future plans with help from the Holy Internet, initially I was unpleasantly surprised. Internet was not gonna happen, and guess what? It was just that what made me solve my existential crisis. Instead of my laptop I got my sketchbook from my bag and drew and wrote for hours on the soft benches of Bali Buda. I even ordered breakfast twice. Breakfast was not that great though: the fresh fruit in my muesli was exotic but incredibly sour, and I am not a great fan of sour. The promising ‘Morning Glory’, consisting of sweet potato in coconut milk, could have been so much better. But the place has a good atmosphere and the staff is totally okay if you just want to stay there for a little longer without ordering more food.

They also have a (vert small) aquarium at Bali Buda, with a fish species that sucks itself to the window. It really looks like it is smiling all the time. I found that so funny that I drew the scene and gave it to the staff. Earned some Karma points there.

And last but not least: Bali Buda also has a small supermarket. Here you can find healthy stuff for very reasonable prices. They sell bottles of fresh coconut juice and home-made almond-, cashew- and rice milk, and there is a small bakery. All in all, it is very much worth a visit. Tip: for only 10 000 IDR (50 euro cents) you can buy a fresh young coconut that they open for you if you ask it kindly. The cheapest coconut I’ve found so far!

Mains cost between 30 000 – 50 000 IDR (2 – 3,50 euro’s)

Menu of Bali Buda

Signature dish: Nasi campur

7. 9 Warung

9 Warung buffet, Ubud, BaliDit was my all time favourite restaurant of my whole journey. 9 Warung is not located in the centre, and you want to arrange a scooter for this. But it is SO much worth it. The place is run by the most relaxed guy ever, who will ask you about your astrology sign. Look up ahead what your Chinese sign is too, since he wants to know that as well. They don’t have wifi here, but you don’t expect this place to have wifi really. It is a real hippie place with the most amazing food you will ever taste in Ubud. I had two humongous plates from the buffet, which gets supplemented throughout the day. Here you find steamed pumpkin, the most delicious marinated tempeh, water spinach and pumpkin soup, and there is fruit and cake for desert. The prices are insanely low: 3000 IDR (=20 cents) for one big spoonful. They trust you that you are a honest person, because you have to calculate what you put on your plate yourself and when you leave you put the money in a container on the table. Truly amazing.

9 Warung is located in the sharp curve all the way down the road of Jalan Raya Pengosekan (extension of Jalan Hanoman).

Full plate starting from 20 000 IDR.

Signature dish: The buffet

8. Fussy Bird

Fussy Bird too is located a bit out of Ubud centre, but still doable by foot. It was located directly opposite to my guest house (Damai’s guest house: I recommend this place since it is really cheap and you have a big fridge in your room). Fussy Bird is a sister restaurant of Dayu’s Warung, and a lot of Dayu’s dishes, cakes and cookies you find here as well. The tempeh-pumpkin lasagna is said to be really good at both places, but I sadly didn’t try it. I choose for the ‘Pumpkin in Ocean’: pumpkin soup. What can I say. It was just very good.

Mains cost between 30 000 – 45 000 IDR (2 – 3 euro’s)

Sweets cost between 10 000 – 25 000 IDR (0,50 – 1, 50 euro’s)

Menu Fussy Bird

Signature dish: Tempeh pumpkin lasagna

9. Black Beach

Vegan gado gado bij Black Beach Cafe, Ubud, BaliBlack Beach was my work spot in Ubud. It is an Italian restaurant with a light and pleasant atmosphere. Like every restaurant in Ubud, the menu offers a variety of Indonesian dishes as well. The pumpkin soup here was out of this world, and it was served with grilled bread with olive oil sprinkled over it who really complimented the soup. I did ask them to leave the cheese out of it.

The nicest thing about this restaurant is that it has a roof terrace on the second floor, with one of the best wifi connections of Ubud. I spent two days working there, writing articles. The prices are low but the porion sizes are small too, so if you go for the low-priced items I’d recommend you to pick more than one dish to make up a meal. I had really good gado gado (referring to the ugly picture on the right), which had the peanut sauce already mixed through. The white pieces are lontong: sticky rice steamed in banana leaves, which results in a kind of thick rice sausage. I first thought it was a kind of odd potato, but it was lontong! Very tasty with the peanut sauce.

You can also order a few side servings of vegetables for less than 1 euro. Ideal to supplement a small dish with. The first floor features the kitchen, which has a pizza oven that is actually used. So if you are looking for good pizza in Ubud: go to Black Beach.

Last but not least: on Wednesday- and Thursday evenings 8 pm, Black Beach runs Italian or French movies, on the second floor. You don’t have to pay an additional fee, but can just enjoy the movie along with your drink or dinner, together with the rest of the people that arrived especially for the movie. Be on time (I’d recommend 19:15), because Black Beach’s movie nights are a well-known thing in Ubud.

Mains cost between 30 000 – 50 000 IDR (2 – 3,50 euro’s)

Menu Black Beach

Signature dish: Pizza en pasta’s (ask to leave the cheese out if you’d like yours vegan)

10. Warung Ijo

This is a padang warung, which means food is served in buffet-style. Win! Because there is nothing better then loading your plate with exotic vegetable dishes and tempeh marinated in ten different ways. Padan food originates from West Sumatra and this cuisine uses a lot of coconut and chili. That means padang food is a lot more spicy than your ordinary Bali dish. But no worries: you can ask the staff which dishes are spicy and skip those if you want.

Full plate starting at 25 000 IDR (1,50 euro’s)

Signature dish: The buffet

11. Warung Puteri Minang Padang

Tempeh Puteri Minang Padang - vegan food in Ubud, BaliAlso a buffet-style padang warung. This one is more well-known than Warung Ijo. The food is delicious and cheap, but it is soaking in oil, which wouldn’t have been necessary. If you go here, you HAVE to pick the square block of coconut tempeh. This is the best tempeh I have tasted in Ubud. The pieces that appear to be pulled pork or chicken in the picture here are actually jackfruit! They prepared the fruit in a way that the structure and taste comes very close to chicken, but then less chewy. There are more padang warungs in Ubud: you recognise them by the trays of fried food that are piled up like a house of cards. From outside it looks not too appetising, but don’t be fooled by this and cross the door step.

Full plate starting from 25 000 IDR (1,50 euro’s).

Signature dish: The buffet

12. Waroeng Bernadette

I just now realise how much of a peanut-addict I am. Throughout the whole trip, I didn’t touch any peanut butter, but I guess that I adopted peanut sauce as a substitute. At Waroeng Bernadette they have a dish that I really wanted to try but never saw it anywhere else on the menu: ketoprak. This is raw vegetables with peanut sauce mixed through. I really recommend this warung, because the portion sizes are generous and the prices are incredibly low. The staff is also very nice: the girls who run the place are very cheerful and friendly.

Mains cost between 20 000 – 40 000 (1,50 – 2,50 euro’s)

Menu Waroeng Bernadette

Signature dish: Jackfruit rendang

13. Warung Biah Biah

Warung Biah Biah is like many other warungs: incredibly cheap, good, vegan-friendly and healthy. But what distinguishes Warung Biah Biah from the rest is that you can order small dishes apart from each other to make your own meal. It’s like ordering tapas. For example, tempeh- or tofu satay, stir-fried vegetables with different spices, and loads more. The juices and cold drinks are also very gently pricesd here: 15 000 IDR instead of the usual 25 000.

Menu Warung Biah Biah

Mains cost between 20 000 – 30 000 (1,50 – 2 euro’s)

Signature dish: Order rice and choose different small dishes to accompany it

14. Garden Kafe

Megs Bowl at Garden Kafe, Ubud, BaliGarden Kafe is the restaurant at the Yoga Barn. After your class of vinyasa flow yoga, your healthy raw breakfast or lunch is just a few steps away. I highly recommend Garden Kafe, because wow, the menu is the healthiest and most elaborate I have ever seen. The menu is a book with separate chapters for raw vegan, ayurvedic and macrobiotic dishes that far exceed my creativity as it comes to food. Think raw curry with jicamanoodles and coconut water. They also serve ‘living granola’: a breakfast dish made with sprouted seeds and nuts, served with cashew milk to pour over. Become instantly healthy and visit Garden Kafe.

Mains cost between 30 000 – 45 000 IDR (2 – 3 euro’s)

Menu Garden Kafe

Signature dish: Meg’s Big Bowl

15. Melting Wok

Tip: book a table a day or morning ahead, because all tables are full if you arrive there in the evening without a reservation. Melting Wok is so incredibly popular because of the huge dishes and low prices. They only serve a few curries: with or without coconut milk, with or without noodles/rice and two specials-of-the-day. This small menu is explained by the staff who come to your table with a big blackboard featuring the menu in hand. I suspect them to have nightmares about the menu, since they have to go through it every table again. Another tip of mine: do order the curry with coconut milk. It only cost you 2 000 IDR more, but it makes your dish taste so much better. Otherwise you end up with a very salty cap cay (clear vegetable soup).

Blackboard menu Melting Wok

Mains cost between 35 000 – 65 000 (2 – 4,50 euro’s)

Signature dish: Curry with coconut milk

Places I haven’t been to but did want to visit

16. Clear Café

Clear Café was not in my route, but should definitely be on yours. It is not famous for its large portion sizes or cheap prices, but because it is one of the healthiest restaurants in Ubud. Just a look at the menu makes you feel instantly healthy (but also a bit broke). The former location of Clear Café in the city centre is burned down, but the new location is said to be at least as good as the old one: Clear Café is now located near the river, from where you have an amazing view of the lush trees of Ubud. And the interior is stunning as well.

Mains cost between 35 000 – 65 000 IDR (2,50 – 4,50 euro’s)

MenuClear Café

Signature dish: The smoothies

17. The Seeds of Life

I really wanted to eat at The Seeds of Life, but I couldn’t find it. Or actually, I just didn’t walk past it. I regret that a little, because they have an amazing menu, or actually two. The Seeds of Life has for each day a different special-of-the-day dish. For example, on Mondays you eat plant-based Italian lasagna with courgette pasta and nut cheese, and on Friday there is vegan sushi made from jicama ‘rice’. Please let me know how your visit was if you ever land your bum there.

Menu Seeds of Life

Signature dish: Mexican lasagna

18. Down to Earth Cafe

The reason I didn’t go to Down to Earth Cafe is the same as my no-show at The Seeds of Life: I just didn’t walk by it. And like the former place, I regret that here as well, since the menu looks similarly promising. I did check out Down to Earth’s healthy supermarket, when I walked down Jalan Goutama. There where the road makes an angle to the left, you will find the shop on your right hand. Here they sell healthy goodies, amongst others quite inexpensive energy bars. I bought the date-walnut and sesamy-peanut butter varieties, which both were super nice, and not sticky at all (crumbly really).

Mains cost betwen 35 000 – 75 000 (2,50 – 5 euro’s)

Menu Down to Earth Cafe 

Signature dish: Dragon bowl 

19. Sari Organik

I was here about 5 minutes actually, until we discovered they close in the evenings. Such a shame! We wanted to have dinner here but that didn’t happen. Instead we went to the neighbours, Café Pomegranate, but please just go there to have a drink and enjoy the view. The food and service was terrible (took ages and is hugely overpriced). At Sari Organik you do have to go for the food, but then go for lunch, when they are still open.

Mains cost between 35 000 – 60 000 IDR (2,50 – 4 euro’s)

MenuSari Organik

Signature dish: Again the nasi campur

20. Dewa Warung

Low budget and hungry? Then you go to Dewa Warung. This restaurant is located next to Warung Biah Biah and is as far as I know the cheapest warung in whole Ubud centre. You get what you pay for: a good portion of food, which looks a bit like it is thrown on your plate. Good enough for the budget backpacker, but less suited for a romantic dinner. Vegans can be a bit intimidated by the many meat and egg dishes on the menu. Luckily you can ask for a plant-based variety.

Mains cost between 17 000 – 25 000 (1 – 2,50 euro’s)

Menu Dewa Warung

Signature dish: Curry (ask for tofu instead of chicken)

Places I didn’t like so much

21. Nalu Bowls

Macaronis Nalu bowls in Ubud, BaliMy expectations of Nalu Bowls were high, but I dind’t find it deserved the hype. The concept is simple and elegant: you can choose from 6 dishes at Nalu Bowls, all smoothie bowls. The result and prices were disappointing though. The smoothie bowls are advertised to be super healthy, but actually this is not so much the case. Or not mine, in any case.

I had the Macaronis bowl, with papaya and dragon fruit. The name has nothing to do with macaroni – the smoothie bowls are all named by a famous Hawaiian wave. The description of the smoothie bowls look promising, so perhaps I had to go for another one. In my bowl was sorbet ice cream, some fruit, sugar water, a big pile of overly sugered granola and a few pieces of banana. The ice cream was not necessary, and neither was the sugar water and sugar in the granola. A shame, because the base of a smoothie bowl is already healthy and delicious: just blend some fruit, vegetables and sugarfree muesli or granola and done is your smoothie bowl. Pity, Nalu Bowls.

Smoothie bowls cost between 50 000 – 80 000 (3,50 – 5,50 euro’s).

Menu Nalu Bowls

Signature dish: Mavericks (de right one)

22. Soma

I really didn’t like this place. Don’t get me wrong, the staff was very friendly, but the atmosphere didn’t appeal to me and the portion size was deeply disappointing. In this 100% raw food restaurant I ordered the small serving of gado gado rolls. And small they were. With a handful of raw taugé wrapped in a leaf of white cabbage and served with one spoonful (honestly, it was one spoonful) of peanut sauce, Soma managed to be the rock-bottom of my culinary trip. Perhaps you are more lucky then me here.

Mains cost between 35 000 – 60 000 (2,50 – 4 euro’s)

Menu Soma

Signature dish: Tower of Power 

More Vegan Travel Hotspots

For the past two years I’ve traveled throughout Asia, to live and work remotely for a few months. I have spent 5 months in Chiang Mai, and made a huge vegan food article:

It covers 40 vegan hotspots, with pictures of every place (so plenty of food inspiration for homestayers) and what to get there. If you are a vegan food-and-travel enthusiast like me, I’d highly recommend you to take a peek! 🙂

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